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GoPro 3 Black Edition exposure concern?

Maybe I need to spend more time in the menu system of my GoPro 3. I haven't used it a lot lately and it's been a bit of a "point and pray" camera. I've gotten some images I really like from it... But not without some post processing. While I'm ok with that, I'd love to get the overall images "out of camera" a little better.

I realize that the shooting conditions I'm in are a bit tough to get a good shot when you have a camera on manual and time to analyze and "figure out the shot" so I guess a camera attached to the bar grabbing a shot every 2 or 5 seconds (forget where I set it) isn't really doing all that bad of a job. Most shots are a bit under exposed while under tree cover.

Anybody else experience this with the GoPro 3 while getting started with it?

(Small inset photos are RAW and the larger zoom is post processed.)


HDR Skyline Drive - Touring On The Motorcycle

Last week I took a little trip to Virginia to ride the Skyline Drive on the motorcycle. We encountered a bit of rain, but at least the photos had some "atmosphere" to them.


HDR Rural Field


HDR Remix Part Duex - Harrisburg Overlook

Another HDR remix for today again from LR4. I really like the features in this application for handling HDR. It seems to allow you to produce more natural looking images.


Lightroom 4 - HDR

Was listening to a recent podcast talking about the new HDR features inside Lightroom 4 and thought I should try it with one of the few images I've attempted in HDR. HDR is something I've had a bit of a love/hate relationship with. Some are stunning images, but some seem just very artificial. Seeing how easy HDR is now inside of LR, I may have to shoot a bit more.