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GoPro: Photo Mode.

Playing more and more with the GoPro, this time in photo mode. It's a little limiting... but still fun. Lighting is the big issue I'm finding right now. In heavily wooded shots, you'll see below that it leaves the shutter open a long time. It can be cool, but you'll get a lot of 'throw away' shots if the terrain is rough... which it is for mountain biking.

I am contemplating a 3D housing and not link the two cameras together, just set one on photo and the other on video. That would be interesting. Anyone try that one?

Anyway, on to the images. That's probably why you are here anyway.


Motorcycle photography

As riding season is JUST around the corner, I have been reviewing some cycle photos I'd taken last fall. It was reading a blog this evening about a blogger who went to the Ephrata "first Sunday" ride today. Brrr. Seems people are really hardcore. Great to see that!

These are my shots I captured last all on a "guys say out"... Me, my boys, and my Dad (and friends). That was a fun day. More to come this year I'm sure.


Two Wheeled 2012

It seems a little odd to be talking about New Years Resolutions in March but this one is starting to take root. Yeah, I committed to losing weight and getting healthier... Like everybody else. And I'm actually making progress with those. The other resolution I planned on was spending as much of 2012 on two wheels as I can. Over this winter, my mechanic (Dad) hooked me up. He installed a set of saddlebags on my 1978 Gold Wing and I'm not ready for some touring rides. (below)

To keep with the resolution, I've ridden to work a few times already. Hard to believe... Riding to work in February. Pretty cool.


Rattling Creek Singletrackers POV GoPro Video

A little ride from a RCST ride this past fall. Yes... I know there is a smudge on the screen. I need to get a new housing since I have a big scuff on it right where the center of the lens would be. (unless someone knows of a good way to fix it....)

IMBA credited these trails with the "Epic" status for 2011. Read more about this great riding area here.


Rattling Creek Singletrackers Bridge Replacement

Stopped by the RCST club today to help them replace the bridges washed away by Hurricane Irene. Luckily, there was quite a team that was on hand to help with this task. It really makes you appreciate all the hard work that people put into these great trails so that we can ride them!

Thanks everyone that does what they do!