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Rainy Day

It's that kind of day here... Seeing this scene at lunch though... I HAD to pull the car over and capture it. The fog hung on the river very eerily. It was a cool scene.


Rattling Creek Singletrackers POV GoPro Video

A little ride from a RCST ride this past fall. Yes... I know there is a smudge on the screen. I need to get a new housing since I have a big scuff on it right where the center of the lens would be. (unless someone knows of a good way to fix it....)

IMBA credited these trails with the "Epic" status for 2011. Read more about this great riding area here.


Rattling Creek Singletrackers Bridge Replacement

Stopped by the RCST club today to help them replace the bridges washed away by Hurricane Irene. Luckily, there was quite a team that was on hand to help with this task. It really makes you appreciate all the hard work that people put into these great trails so that we can ride them!

Thanks everyone that does what they do!


portrait session

It's always fun trying something new. I have never been the type of photographer to shoot pregnancy photos. But a friend asked if I would take some, so I figured I could give it a whirl. We had so much fun. It helped that they have a similar sense of humor to mine (probably why they are my friends... Lol.) As usual the favorite photos of mine were the ones that showed the humor and fun we had while we were shooting. That is by far, the best part of shooting for me... Sharing the experience with someone.


Inspired By Passion

I love all sorts of cycling photography. It’s such a simple, elegant machine. One guy that inspires me is Cycleangelo (great moniker!... what else would you call a cycling artist?) He has a great site and a couple really cool series of images he’s worked on over the years. I’ve always loved his “bike portrait” series. . (anyone know how he gets some of these bikes to seemingly stand on their own? Photoshop? Magic?)

This series inspired me to capture a similar portrait of my new ride (profile, drive side, captured in the location where it’s ridden.) I realize it’s far from a fixie (3x10) but hopefully Cycleangelo would approve ;-)

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