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More GoPro summer fun

As the summer kicks into full effect, it is action sports time once again. And since a good photographer “shoots what he loves”, I’m back into the sports shooting scene again. Actually, It is more sports “video” currently with the GoPro Hero action camera.

I’ve loved this little camera and I’ve been using it quite a lot lately. I’ve been taking it kayaking at the Outer Banks (NC) and even hauled it out into the surf with my son playing around at the beach and set it into photo mode.

I’ve posted a few recent kayak trip videos and today is no different. This particular video was shot at 720p60 and interpreted the footage down to 30fps to get a natural smooth motion slo-mo effect. It really helped enhance the relaxing mood of floating along the Yellow Breeches creek here in south central PA.

Next up… more bicycling and more motorcycling videos/photos. The biggest downfall of owning a GoPro is the frantic neuroses of where do you mount the camera next. There must be an actual name for it condition (add a comment if you have a suggestion and we’ll coin the phrase.)

Kayak Trip (with Friends) from Ed Hidden on Vimeo.


GoPro: Family Kayak Trip

We took our first family kayaking trip (our new hobby). I quickly mounted a few mounts for my GoPro on the bow of my new boat and let it roll while we put in the water. I need to grab more b-roll footage and see what else I can do, but here is a fresh clip editted with iMovie on the iPad. (yes, you can directly import and edit GoPro video footage on your iPad.)



motorcycle POV photo

I love mixing my passions with photography. I stumbled onto a cool blog this week thanks to the twitter hash tag #stereotypicalharley. Check out this site for some interesting work. I expect a bit more now that it's gotten warmer. We were just tweeting about POV photos for his recent blog post. So I thought I would share a few I attempted before the wether turned cold here. Certainly worth exploring again!

Motorcycle photography

As riding season is JUST around the corner, I have been reviewing some cycle photos I'd taken last fall. It was reading a blog this evening about a blogger who went to the Ephrata "first Sunday" ride today. Brrr. Seems people are really hardcore. Great to see that!

These are my shots I captured last all on a "guys say out"... Me, my boys, and my Dad (and friends). That was a fun day. More to come this year I'm sure.


Two Wheeled 2012

It seems a little odd to be talking about New Years Resolutions in March but this one is starting to take root. Yeah, I committed to losing weight and getting healthier... Like everybody else. And I'm actually making progress with those. The other resolution I planned on was spending as much of 2012 on two wheels as I can. Over this winter, my mechanic (Dad) hooked me up. He installed a set of saddlebags on my 1978 Gold Wing and I'm not ready for some touring rides. (below)

To keep with the resolution, I've ridden to work a few times already. Hard to believe... Riding to work in February. Pretty cool.