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[family photo] Starting with the Sax

Working in Black and White more lately. I like it. I started with onOne Software Lightroom Presets and worked it from there.

Watermark is courtesy of LR/Mogrify plugin that I had struggled with getting installed on my system. Rob Sylvan of Lightroomers helped get me past the stumbling blocks though. It's so great to be able to export this direct from Lightroom to the blog without stopping in Photoshop!


[Travel Photography] DesertLypse

It’s been a while since I “lypsed” (is that really a word?). My last istock event was last summer in Toronto and I’m excited to be visiting some place new this time. My friend Ethan Myerson is putting on DesertLypse 4 in November and fortunately, I made it off the standby list.

This will be my first time to “the desert” region so it should be fun. I’ve been to Las Vegas on a previous trip, but I never made it off the strip. So it wasn’t much different then any city.

Time to get my thinking cap on and start visualizing what I’m capturing!


Photo Studio Available in Harrisburg?

Earlier this year I decided not to renew my studio space. It was a tough call, but I really couldn’t justify at this time. It turns out it has been a good thing for me. It’s been the type of thing that juices your creativity a bit. You have to come up with creative solutions to pull off the shoots. So, I’ve been shooting more locations or outdoor shoots.

As I head into winter, I’m wishing I had a nice space that I could just close the door on and do some work. Finding a photography studio for rent in the Harrisburg area is a little bit of a task though. If only I could hit the lottery and I could buy my own commercial real estate and make that “daydream” I’ve always thought about happen.

Solution Options

1) I’m hoping that someone will stumble on this post and leave a comment of a space that is available to rent for a short term basis to shoot in. It can be a day rate or week/month rate.

2) Create an artistic group that combine resources to retain a photo studio space that “members” can schedule time for use. I think a group of as small as 4 Harrisburg Area Photographers could even make this option easily financially viable.


Taking a hike (and taking a few pictures)

I was out taking some shots tonight scouting for an upcoming shoot and was having a good time playing nature photographer. It's fun to take the time and play with another discipline of photography and use some different techniques. You really get an appreciation for the people who can do that style well, and make it look easy.


What Moves Me (A Strobist: Boot Camp Assignment)

Ok.. well, it wasn't a full on boot camp assignment shot. I did it before I technically knew about the assignment. So, I'll be reshooting another idea I have in mind, but I thought I'd share these pics in the meantime and it can be a comparison after "trying" to do something a little more creative.

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